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Monthly Archives / 6월 2013

Director Jung Young-heon’s ‘Lebanon Emotion’ heading to Moscow

KOFIC(Korean Film Council) will hold ‘Korean Cinema Showcase’ at 35th MIFF(Moscow International Film Festival), which opened on June twentieth for 10-days run, and hold forum about Korean film industry (6.24~26) for advancing to the Eastern Europe market. 35th MIFF is Eastern Europe’s top film festival with Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and has been showing […]

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Cold Eyes (2013)

Title : Cold Eyes 감시자들 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/Ax5fAFnxrWY)

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A Wedding Invitation (2013)

Title : A Wedding Invitation 이별계약 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/N4uRCBSh1nw)

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Horror Stories 2 (2013)

Title : Horror Stories 2 무서운 이야기2 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/zy2jjS4jdpY)

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Doctor (2013)

Title : Doctor 닥터 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/CKBCRcjHRPM)

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The Puppet (2013)

Title : The Puppet 꼭두각시 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/xyRzbPwn3FY)

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