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Monthly Archives / 12월 2013

Scenery (2013)

Brochure: Title : Scenery 풍경 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/92w31lqMaZI)

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The Attorney, time-honored ‘scary politics’

Review: I don’t like boring movie such as what have distinct themes (instructive), what have political significance. So at first, I hesitated to watch the movie. In conclusion, the main theme of that movie is not so political. However, the storyline have some analogy to domestic political circumstances. It is immediately apparent that the movie […]

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The Counsel (2013)

Brochure: Title : The Counsel (aka: The Attorney) 변호인 Review : The Attorney, time-honored ‘scary politics‘ Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/Zw2VXJ3SfOc)

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Way Back Home (2013)

Brochure: Title : Way Back Home 집으로 가는 길 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/K66p7QhI0Vs)

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AM 11:00 (2013)

Brochure: Title : AM 11:00 열한시 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer:

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