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Director Park Cheol-su Died In A Car Accident

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A scene from 'Farewell My Darling(1996)'

A scene from ‘Farewell My Darling(1996)’

In early this morning, director Park Cheol-su who a middle-grade of Korea died in a car accident.

His major work is ‘Farewell My Darling(1996)’ what deal with funeral ceremony, ’301, 302(1995)’, ‘Kazoku Cinema(1998)’, ‘Green Chair(2003)’, etc.

오늘 새벽 한국의 중견감독인 박철수감독이 교통사고로 유명을 달리했다.

대표작으로는 장례문화를 다룬 ‘학생부군신위(學生府君神位)(1996)’, ’301,302(1995)’, ‘가족시네마(1998)’, ‘녹색의자(2003)’ 등이 있다.

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