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Monthly Archives / 3월 2013

‘MISE-EN-SCENE’, In Leeum, video pieces exhibition held

The temporary exhibition <MISE-EN-SCENE>, which show video pieces including painting and photograph, will be held March 28th through June 2nd in the Samsung Leeum Museum of Art. On March 28, there is first lecture to Eve Sussman’s explanation of the work and senior researcher, who has organized this exhibition, Koo Kyung-hwa’s description of the work. […]

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Running Man (2013)

Review : Not Ready. Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/5d1u4kCgLmM)

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Good Friends (2013)

Review : Not Ready. Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/MjuAqcGWQ1s)

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Fist of Legend (2013)

Title : Fist of Legend 전설의 주먹 Review : ‘Fist of Legend’, how great everything was back in the day? Movie Trailer

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‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’, To wounded you.

Review: The blind heiress Oh Young(Song Hye-kyo)’s father die. And she’s brother Oh Soo(Zo In-sung) show up to her, he is a fake. He pretend to be a brother, who broke up as a child, because of the huge of heritage. As a gambler he is owed 780-million-won( $8 million ) underworld in amorous nets. […]

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‘New World’, How is Noir Different From Gangster Movie?

Review: In the movie , hero Lee Ja-seong became fifth-in-command in gangster with his secret, which he is a policeman. The reason why police did it is could not be controlled mobster. The mob, who have managed bar or sell drug, are becoming progressively commercialized and legalize. These point is not fiction. Anyway, mob boss […]

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Monthly box office of VOD (2013.January)

Korean Film Council(KOFIC) has announced the statistics of movie VOD ( in IPTV and digital cable TV ) for digital online market activation of film industry and convenience of consumer using. KOFIC announced monthly statistics follow on weekly statistics the last time. This monthly statistics collect more extensive data and diversity film sector were aggregated […]

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Our Homeland (2012)

Review : Not Ready. Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/CspYud16RiA)

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G.I.Joe2 : Retaliation (2013)

Review : ‘G.I.Joe: Retaliation’, Is it because of effect of Lee Byung-hun? Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/7Wj1qyxaQMc) ※ This corner was made by the editor that she collected movie brochure in cinema, and scanned directly.    이 코너는 에디터가 영화관에서 모은 영화팜플렛을 하나하나 직접 스캔해서 꾸민것입니다.

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