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Temperature of love (2013)

Review : ‘Temperature of love’, Where is Afterimage of Love Affair? Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/jUlEKqfe-2g) ※ This corner was made by the editor that she collected movie brochure in cinema, and scanned directly.    이 코너는 에디터가 영화관에서 모은 영화팜플렛을 하나하나 직접 스캔해서 꾸민것입니다.

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‘Temperature of love’, Where is Afterimage of Love Affair?

Review: Jang Yong(Kim Min-hee) broke up with her boyfriend Dong-hee(Lee Min-ki) for no particular reason. They assume an air of indifference, however, they are crying alone and they browse through the other’s facebook and they shadowed new lover of the other. They who can not forget each other have agreed to meet again after much […]

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Yoo Ji-tae win Jury Prize at the FESTIVAL DEAUVILLE ASIA 2013

<Mai Ratima> of director Yoo Ji-tae won the jury prize at the 15th Deauville Asian Film Festival. The movie <Mai Ratima> is about an abandoned man and woman, who meet at the end of despair. After the screening as opening movie, the movie was very well-received by reporters and movie professionals, audience. After the screening, Yoo Ji-tae was acclaimed […]

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Total attendance of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7′, exceeded 12 million people!

- The movie reached 12 million people within 6 weeks. – The record of <King and the Clown>, <Masquerade (Gwanghae: the Man Who Became the King)>, <The Thieves>, <The Host> is coveted. On March 9, <Miracle in Cell No.7> (the film distributor: New, director:  Hwan-kyung Lee, Production Co : Fine Works)  has topped 12 million […]

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JIFF 2013 release official poster

JIFF(Jeonju Internation Film Festival) organizers release official poster on February 21. This year’s official poster design began as a worry about new identity of film festival. The huge butterfly of the poster is composed of pattern FI(Festival Identity), which implies the identity of film festival. FI is reminiscent of ‘butterfly’ symbolizing spring and ‘projector’ of […]

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[Character and Actor] Actor Lee Byung-hun, Coexistence of childlike innocence and viciousness

People often say difference between ‘pure’ and ‘innocence’. Nowadays, it is called naive person who is ignorant of the world, and it is typically used to deride. Well we can found the mean of ‘naïve’ from unspoilt looks of children and old farmer. Today, I will speak about Lee Byung-hun, who has ‘innocence’ and ‘meanness’ […]

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Weekly box office of VOD (2013.2.25~3.3)

Starting February 25, Korean Film Council(KOFIC) has announced the ranking of movie VOD  as a weekly for digital online market activation of film industry and convenience of consumer using. From this week, there are also included weekly statistics of digital cable TV. < Weekly box office of VOD in IPTV and Digital cable TV> No Title […]

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‘Queen of Reversals’ Generational Differences of Career Woman

Review: ‘Queen of reversals’ is writer Park Ji-eun’s work, which is followed ‘My Wife is a Superwoman’. The previous work’s heroine was a housewife who has done all kinds of task in order to succeed stupid husband. The previous work’s heroine was a wise mother and good wife as Martha Stewart. It seems that housewife, […]

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‘Psychometry’, is that a blessing or a curse?

Review: A third-year detective Yang Chun-dong is indifferent person, who also sell water purifiers on the side in multilevel marketing. One day, a little girl is kidnapped in the jurisdiction of detective Yang Chun-dong. He, who has an obsession about a kidnapping case, has trauma. He lost a brother when young. He became a detective […]

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