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[Level 7 Civil Servant],MBC is Not Called ‘Drama Empire’ No Reason At All.

Review: MBC is not called ‘Drama Empire’ no reason at all. Nowadays, there is another original work that commonly found in Movies or TV dramas. In other words, the originality of work is becoming increasingly scarce. Let’s think about “The winter, wind blows” is aired on SBS in the same time. Talented writer Noh Hee-kyeong […]

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How is ‘Alice in Cheongdam-dong’ Different From Cinderella Story?

- Cinderella story, and how is it different? – Theis is Youngman’s frustration. Review: How is ‘Alice in Cheongdam-dong’ different from ‘Cinderella’ story? This TV drama have the traditional plot that good and pretty woman is married to bad and rich man. This ‘Alice in Cheongdam-dong’ TV program’s main target is young lady of teen […]

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