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‘G.I.Joe: Retaliation’, Is it because of effect of Lee Byung-hun?

Review I watched the movie with great interest, because Korean actor Lee Byung-hun appeared in the movie. The movie was speedy and made on a large scale, and so the movie have to be show in the theater. Frankly speaking, that is not so bad. However, the first day of its release, I was puzzled […]

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[Character and Actor] Actor Lee Byung-hun, Coexistence of childlike innocence and viciousness

People often say difference between ‘pure’ and ‘innocence’. Nowadays, it is called naive person who is ignorant of the world, and it is typically used to deride. Well we can found the mean of ‘naïve’ from unspoilt looks of children and old farmer. Today, I will speak about Lee Byung-hun, who has ‘innocence’ and ‘meanness’ […]

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