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‘Jiseul’, The Beauty Value of Cinema Productions

  Review: ‘Jiseul’ , which is the title of movie, means a potato in Jeju dialect. The title ‘Jiseul’ represent lives of residents, who hid from massacre of the government in a cave. The residents were fated to die by sweeping of government about North Korean partisans. This is based on a true story that […]

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Shadows of Love (2013)

Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/gXoABmOobVw)

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Mina Munbanggu (2013)

Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/vir2Nggtxuk)

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Azooma (2013)

Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/q4qeW03EgbE)

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Director Moon Byung-Gon’s ‘Safe’ Heading to Cannes

-Invited to Shorts Competition in the 66th Cannes Film Festival ‘Shafe’ of director Moon Byung-Gon(30) is invited Short Film Competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Director Moon, who graduated from Chung-ang University, directed short film ‘No more coffee break’ and ‘Finis Operis’, etc. And ‘Safe’ is a film about a female university student, who work […]

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Monthly box office of VOD (2013.February)

- The most clicks movie is ‘Masquerade(Gwanghae: the Man Who Became the King)’ in February – In diversity film sector, ‘Wolf children’ is the winningest Korean Film Council(KOFIC) has announced the statistics of movie VOD ( in IPTV and digital cable TV ) for digital online market activation of film industry and convenience of consumer […]

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‘New World’, was decided remake in Hollywood

In March 22, the movie ‘New World’, which received rave review from the major news media including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times after since its release in North America, was decided remake in Hollywood. The film’s distributor NEW(Next Entertainment World) announced that major studio’s proposals is examined and we finally agreed […]

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Jiseul (2013)

Review : ‘Jiseul’, The Beauty Value of Cinema Productions Movie Trailer (by http://youtu.be/IEX8xORH1Ng)

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‘New World’ was awarded the jury prize at Beaune International Thriller Film Festival

The film ‘New World’, which has surpassed the 4.6 six million-viewer-mark, win the jury prize at the Beaune International Thriller Film Festival local time on April 7. The 5th Film Festival is famous for genre film festival, which has a large influence in the box office, with ‘Fantastic Film Festival of Gerardmer’ of France. The […]

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