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Monthly Archives / 4월 2013

‘Fist of Legend’, how great everything was back in the day?

Review If this movie liken boyfriend, he never beat around the bush. He is always confident, and he does not darkness. Besides, he confessed his love for me. So I prefer this man to bad guy. Answer to the name of rustic man is ‘Fist of Legend’. The reason why the movie was called ‘rustic’ […]

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First-quarter 2013, Korean market share 69.4%

Korean Film Council(KOFIC) has announced the statistics of Korean movie industry in the first of quarter 2013. According to statistics, this is the second consecutive year that movie become a hit. <Man on the Edge (aka: The Gangster Shaman)>, which was released on early January, drew audience totaling 3,900,000 people and started attracting big audience. […]

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‘G.I.Joe: Retaliation’, Is it because of effect of Lee Byung-hun?

Review I watched the movie with great interest, because Korean actor Lee Byung-hun appeared in the movie. The movie was speedy and made on a large scale, and so the movie have to be show in the theater. Frankly speaking, that is not so bad. However, the first day of its release, I was puzzled […]

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