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Everything of the Korean Wave ?

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- White paper is publised about ‘Korean Wave’ in minister of culture, Sports and Toursm.

Some photos in white paper

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism  released a ‘White paper about the Korean Wave’  on February 4th

The white paper report  Korean popular culture including TV dramas, K-pop, animation, movie, games and language, and observes how it is perceived to foreigners.

Download ‘The Korean Wave White Paper’

※ Source of the article : The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

한류의 모든 것?

문화체육관광부는 ‘한류백서’를  2월 4일에 발표했다.

백서는 TV드라마, K팝, 애니메이션, 영화, 게임과 언어를 포함한 한국대중문화가 외국인들에게 어떻게 인식되는지 설명한다.

한류백서 다운로드 받기

※ 기사 출처: 문화체육관광부

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