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BIFF 2014 release official poster

The 19th BIFF(Busan International Film Festival), which will open on October 2, chose official poster and began preparing for the film festival. The official poster, which is base on Lee Hyeok-Jin’s work ‘Emotion¼ Y.R.G.W’, was designed by BIFF art director Choi Sun-dae. Lee Hyeok-Jin’s ‘Emotion¼ Y.R.G.W’ is a painted-sculpture which is collage of painting and […]

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Monster, misunderstanding about new

Review: The film ‘Monster’ is second feature film of director Hwang In-ho. More recently, in an interview, director Hwang said “I don’t want to make the same old story.” The film was produced as director’s original intent. However, the film is very terrible. Surely ‘To Catch a Virgin Ghost(2004)’, which is first screenplay written by […]

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Han Gong-ju (2014)

Brochure: Title : Han Gong-ju 한공주 Review : Han Gong-ju, I didn’t do anything wrong Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/83hEsP5DtvM)

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Broken (2014)

Brochure: Title : Broken 방황하는 칼날 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer:

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron, signed the MOU with Korean Related Authorities

KOFIC (Korea Film Council) signed the MOU with Marvel Studios the upcoming blockbuster The Avengers : Age of Ultron was held at Seoul Press Center on March 18. The original ‘The Avengers(2012)’, which recorded 1.5 billion USD sales in worldwide 80 countries, is blockbuster. The USA film producer Marvel Studios made SPV for shooting of […]

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Intruders (2014)

Brochure: Title : Intruders 조난자들 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/4hO7OVaabXw)

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Elegant Lies (2014)

Brochure: Title :Elegant Lies 우아한 거짓말 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer:

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Monster (2014)

Brochure: Title : Monster 몬스터 Review :

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The Law of Pleasures, What is sex to the women in their 40s

Review: The movie is about sex for women in their 40s, who is more beautiful than the flowers. It is trying to show image of the women in their 40s just as it is through three women, provocative housewife ‘Mi-yeon’ and single mom ‘Hye-yeong’ and Gold Miss ‘Shin-hye’. In Korea, old woman’s femininity is not […]

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venus talke

The Law of Pleasures (2014)

Brochure: Title : The Law of Pleasures (aka: Venus Talk) 관능의 법칙 Review : ‘The Law of Pleasures’, What is sex to the women in their 40s Movie Trailer:

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The King’s Wrath (2014)

Brochure: Title : The King’s Wrath 역린 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer:

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Miss Granny (2013)

Brochure: Title : Miss Granny 수상한 그녀 Review : Not Ready Movie Trailer:

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