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Precious Love (2013)

Brochure: Title : Precious Love 완전 소중한 사랑 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/G89FDWo6bPw)

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Lazy Hitchhikers’ Tour De Europe (2013)

Brochure: Title : Lazy Hitchhikers’ Tour De Europe 잉여들의 히치하이킹 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/VL1XIEHzUH8)

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The Fake (2013)

Brochure: Title : The Fake 사이비 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/a5AFq3NezKA)

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Tumbleweed (2013)

Brochure: Title : Tumbleweed (aka: Chang Su) 창수 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/E1-Z3AaJjYQ)

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The Five, KIM Sun-A’s transforming of character is marvelous

Review: Heroine Euna lost her husband and daughter before her eyes by a certain murderer, and she was left paralyzed from waist down. Euna, have nothing but her body, suggest to provide her organs for helpers, who need an organ of rare blood type. Instead four helpers promise her to cooperate her revenge. As noted […]

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The Commitment (2013)

Brochure: Title : The Commitment 동창생 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/KtOlx2n-EKk)

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The Punisher (2013)

Brochure: Title : Hwayi : The Punisher 응징자 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/-z6PMZmY9aI)

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Hwayi : A Monster Boy (2013)

Brochure: Title : Hwayi : A Monster Boy(aka: Hwai) 화이 : 괴물을 삼킨 아이 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/tlQ5I4jUtlg)

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Black Gospel (2013)

Brochure: Title : Black Gospel 블랙 가스펠 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/AGIuadK1rOs)

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The Weight (2013)

Poster: Title : The Weight 무게 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/GCnQEXZ-koI)

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Ingtoogi (2013)

Poster: Title : Ingtoogi 잉투기 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/jwQtfUwvDGk)

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Koala (2013)

Poster: Title : Koala 코알라 Review :Not Ready Movie Trailer: (by http://youtu.be/S9lGUD534zc)

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