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[Editor's Nonsense] Sorrow of The Global Age

Today, I attended first film premier after MovieScramble lunched. In premier, ‘Last Stand’ that Kim Jee-woon director’s Hollywood debut film was screened. Movie was hot and pleasant. It seemed to maintain director’s poetic(?) sensibility and unique style at the same time.The characters were also an individual, and personal touch of Arnold Schwarzenegger was good. After […]

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The Reason Why Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Choose Korean Director Kim Jee-woon

‘The Last Stand’s producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura explained why he entrust directing to Kim Jee-woon. Di Bonaventura is considered Hollywood’s good producer that has been involved in the ‘Transformers’ series, including a worldwide blockbuster. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura said “He has a very impressive artwork, and I feel diversity whenever I see his movie” and “He […]

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