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‘Queen of Reversals’ Generational Differences of Career Woman

Review: ‘Queen of reversals’ is writer Park Ji-eun’s work, which is followed ‘My Wife is a Superwoman’. The previous work’s heroine was a housewife who has done all kinds of task in order to succeed stupid husband. The previous work’s heroine was a wise mother and good wife as Martha Stewart. It seems that housewife, […]

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How is ‘Alice in Cheongdam-dong’ Different From Cinderella Story?

- Cinderella story, and how is it different? – Theis is Youngman’s frustration. Review: How is ‘Alice in Cheongdam-dong’ different from ‘Cinderella’ story? This TV drama have the traditional plot that good and pretty woman is married to bad and rich man. This ‘Alice in Cheongdam-dong’ TV program’s main target is young lady of teen […]

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